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Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate

The Safer Food Handlers' Food Hygiene Certificate is an Accredited Level 2 Course with a Qualifi Accredited Certificate.

We think our food hygiene course (previously known as basic food hygiene) is easier, more effective, and better put together than previous courses offered. And less expensive!

We’ve slashed the cost of the L2 food hygiene certificate and food safety training. But we've improved the quality of information and the way you take the course.

  • Safer Food handler - 100% online training
    £12 - Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate Catering
    £12 - Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate Retail
    £12 - Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate Manufacturing
  • From as little as £10.50 per user

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“The course is excellent in terms of structure, presentation and delivery. The written notes are thorough and extensive. The video lessons are delivered with gravitas and humour, engaging the student. The revision section provides instant positive feedback.
I took this course as a complete novice and enjoyed it thoroughly. A truly brilliant piece of work. ”

Review from an ex-professional trainer of teachers